Global context, local solutions: Belarus’ private sector potential


    Over the last decade the role of the private sector in the economy of Belarus has increased significantly: the contribution of small businesses itself to GDP almost doubled and in 2013 exceeded 15%, while employment in these enterprises increased 1.9 as much and reached 19% of total employment in the economy. Economic authorities more and more often talk about the need for reform of the public enterprise sector and the role of the private sector in the economy. Moreover, according to the rating of the World Bank Doing Business, Belarus was third in the world in terms of liberalization of the business environment in the 2006 - 2014 period. It is obvious that in an environment where the state is no longer able to finance the old economic model of the dominant role of the public sector, private business development becomes more critical as to overcome short-term problems, and to return the country to the path of sustainable long-term economic growth. Its development is especially important in the current environment, where the change in the situation in the region seems to have pushed for a long time "golden age" in the economies of the major trading partners of Belarus and demands from companies and the government of flexible and effective solutions. 
    The second conference within Kastryčnicky Ekanamičny Forum framework  "Global Context, local solutions: the potential of the private sector in Belarus"  is focused on the of the private sector of Belarus that is developing in difficult conditions dictated by the ambient and the need for tightening of domestic economic policy. The conference is organized by the Research Center in cooperation with the Belarusian research and educational center (BEROC) and the Center for Social and Economic Research CASE Belarus with the support of United States Agency for International Development, PACT Inc. and the Association of European Businesses. General information partner - TUT.BY. Partners - Company AVTOIDEYA, the official dealer of BMW and MINI in the Republic of Belarus and the company ASBIS, one of the leading companies in the IT industry in Belarus, belongs to international holding ASBISc Enterprises Plc. 

     Igor Marinich
     KEF Coordinator
    Elena Grushetskaya
    Coordinator's assistant
    Olga Tomashevskaya