23 october 2017

Life after death. What will replace oil? A discussion with Mikhail Krutikhin

30 june 2017

“Belarus in a Low Growth Trap: Nesting or Escaping” Seminar completed its work

02 june 2017

Presentations by the participants of KEF regional consultations

22 may 2017

Regional consultations within the framework of KEF

17 february 2017

KEF-2016 ”Reforms for Inclusive Growth”: Results

17 january 2017

Key KEF-2016 findings and recommendations have been published

The material was prepared by Alexander Chubrik based on the speeches of "Reforms for Inclusive Growth" conference that took place in Minsk on November, 3-4 2016 within Kastryčnicki Ekanamičny Forum.

12 january 2017

"From budget protection – to population protection. Four issues of the belarusian social policy." Article by Alexander Chubrik in

04 november 2016

Today is the second day of KEF-2016 “Reforms for Inclusive Growth”

Today is the second day of KEF-2016 “Reforms for Inclusive Growth” The first day of KEF-2016 “Reforms for Inclusive Growth” was dedicated to the changes which happen in the world economy and the opportunities of the economy of Belarus to adapt to external conditions and at the same time respond to internal challenges of economic policy.

03 november 2016

Live translation from the conference KEF-2016 ”Reforms for Inclusive Growth”

Live translation of the KEF-2016 conference "Reforms for Inclusive Growth" is ogranized in partnership with TUT.BY.

03 november 2016

KEF-2016 starts its work

KEF-2016 starts its work Today the fourth Kastrychnіtskі ekanamіchny forum starts in Minsk. The conference topic this year is the reforms for inclusive growth.