31 october 2017

Ben Slay’s comments on Minsk Consensus capacities

Read the comments by Ben Slay “Towards Minsk Consensus: A Personal Insight” on the website

31 october 2017

The release of the first results of the secondary education survey

The publication describes the distribution of respondents’ answers within the survey on secondary education in Belarus.

30 october 2017

How much we owe and how it will all end: good and bad experiences of managing sovereign debt. A discussion in TUT.BY Gallery

26 october 2017

Unexpected Growth, Unsold Reforms, and Optimism in the Belarusian Style

Article by Alexander Chubrik, Director of the IPM Research Center, for the web-portal TUT.BY

26 october 2017

An article by Alexander Chubrik on TUT.BY Online News

Аrticle on Belarus’s economic agenda in the spotlight of the KEF-2017 “Foundations of the Future” Conference.

24 october 2017

Registration for the conference KEF-2017 ”Foundations of the future”

Registration for the conference KEF-2017 "Foundations of the Future" is opened.

24 october 2017

Interview with Birgit Lao, one of KEF-2017 speakers on TUT.BY Online News

On TUT.BY Online News based on the interview with Birgit Lao, Board Member of Innove Target Institution, possesses 8 years of experience of working in the Ministry of Education of Estonia, a speaker of the KEF-2017 “Foundations of the Future” Conference.

23 october 2017

Life after death. What will replace oil? A discussion with Mikhail Krutikhin

19 october 2017

Alexander Chubrik in "Economy in Layman’s Terms" on

22 september 2017

"Former schooler survey: more than half of them made use only of their knowledge of Russian". News Report