31 october 2015

Interview with Ben Slay in "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" newspaper

28 october 2015

Interview with Sergey Riabukhin on portal

23 october 2015

Reform experience: interview with Professor Marek Dombrowski, Case and Bruegel Fellow, on portal

21 october 2015

Article about poverty incidence in Belarus in "Yezhednevnik" online newspaper

20 october 2015

KEF-2015: Time to make Belarusian transition happen?

What kind of reforms are planned by Belarusian economic authorities, what attitudes do international financial institutions, Belarusian economic experts and business professionals have towards these reforms, when the reform package will be launched – these issues will be discussed the “Belarusian Economy: At a Tipping Point” conference, the largest economic forum in Belarus in the last decade.

13 october 2015

Reform experience: interview with Ivan Miklosh, one of the main authors of Slovakian economic reforms, on portal

02 october 2015

Report about KEF-2015 in "Field of interest" videocast on "Belarus-1" channel

29 september 2015

Article with KEF-2015 conference program in "Belorusy i rynok" newspaper

29 september 2015

Article on "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" newspaper site after KEF-2015 presentation

28 september 2015

Article on portal after KEF-2015 presentation