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16 july 2015 Alexander Chubrik

Reform 3.0: Making Belarusian transition happen

The problems of trust, inefficiency of partial fixes, existence of reform’ winners and losers – all these issues make an open communication about a reform package a fundamental precondition of its successful implementation.

24 april 2015 Alexander Chubrik

Don’t let the money to mess up the reforms: Few notes on the new round of Belarus – IFIs negotiations

Last week the Belarusian delegation represented by top economic officials attended the Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund.

22 april 2015 Darya Uryutina

The draft directive on the development of entrepreneurship: old declarations or new solutions?

In March 2015 the Ministry of Economy issued a draft directive "On additional measures for the development of entrepreneurship initiatives and promote business activity in the Republic of Belarus" for public comment. This directive is intended to "give a new impulse implementation for principles laid down in Directive № 4." Directive № 4 on December 31, 2010, in turn, involves a number of steps towards liberalization of economic activity and "in the end - the creation of a barrier-free business environment." New draft directive largely echoes the contents of the previous document. Most of the provisions of the Directives largely overlap, some of them are not presented in the documents as separate provisions, and as a sub, but substantively they coincide.

03 november 2014

Perceptions of corruption by Belarusian small and medium businesses

The paper deals with different definitions of corruption, traditional methods of assessment in the context of international comparisons showing the effect on economic development and describes some of the best anti-corruption practices.

10 october 2014

Shappo, M. (2014). Industrial policy: conceptual framework discussion paper dp2014r04, IPM Research Center.

In this paper we attempt to review a summary of the conceptual framework of industrial policy, its theoretical justification, the actual results and the basic principles that reduce the possible failures of the state during the development of industrial policy.

08 october 2014

Sheremeta, P. (1999). So why are the reforms still lagging behind in Ukraine? Quarterly Bulletin Economists Club, Vol. 1, №2

The article was written 15 years ago, but the reforms in Ukraine are still lagging behind.

08 october 2014

World Bank (2011). Reforming the fiscal sphere in order to restore sustainable economic growth. Public Expenditure Review in the Republic of Belarus, part 1.

Since the publication of the report (2011), progress in the restructuring of agriculture and energy is not large enough for report to lose relevance.

08 october 2014

Estrin, S., Bakanova, M., Pelipas, I., Pukovich, S. (2007). The Effects of Privatization on Company Performance in Belarus. In Estrin, S., Kolodko, G., and Uvalic, M. (eds.), Transition and Beyond, Palgrave.

One of the few studies assessing the impact of privatization on the performance of the Belarusian enterprises.

08 october 2014

Scriba, A. (2014). Belarusian small and medium-sized businesses: the operations and development trends, a discussion paper PDP / 14/06, IPM Research Center.

The paper presents an evaluation of the activities of the Belarusian small and medium-sized enterprises in 2013 - 2014.

08 october 2014

IFC (2013). Business Environment in Belarus 2013. The survey of commercial companies and individual entrepreneurs.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) presents the results of its fifth study of the business environment in Belarus.