13 november 2017 Alexander Chubrik

Recession impact on the regions of Belarus: The role of initial conditions, economic policy, and small business

The study focused on the changing economic situation in Belarus’s constituent regions (oblast and rayon levels) during recession. Summary indicators – characterizing the starting conditions and changes in pro-vincial economies in recession environment – were devised based on the Principle Component Analyses (PCA). Econometric analysis of panel and cross-section data allowed identifying economic, institutional and geographical factors affecting sub-national development (focusing on small business development).

03 november 2017

Infographics "Knowledge is power?"

Infographics describing the study results on secondary education in Belarus.

28 august 2017 Irina Tochitskaya

Belarus’ export activities indicators in 1998-2016: what are the chances for growth?

They study aimed to analyze the indicators characterizing Belarus’s export activity in 1998-2016 to determine how the structure and complexity of the national export basket, its competitive advantages, extent of foreign market penetration and involvement in global value chains altered during the period.

28 august 2017  Gleb Shymanovich

Poverty and socially vulnerable groups in Belarus: the cosequences of 2015-2016 recession

This issue of the “Poverty and Socially Vulnerable Groups in Belarus” Bulletin examines the various aspects of absolute and relative poverty in Belarus’s constituent regions. The research relied on the data generated under the Household Budget Survey in 2013-2016.