Mission and vision

The mission
of the KEF is to contribute to the development of effective economy, responsible economic policy and attractive future for the citizens of Belarus.
The vision includes the following components:
We see the future Belarus with effective economy – a background for citizens’ high standards of living. The word “effective” means that it can flexibly react on internal and external challenges, utilizes competitive advantages of the country, creates possibilities for the most efficient use of available resources, and lays foundations for the sustainable economic growth.
Building an effective economy should be ensured via responsible economic policy, which creates opportunities for inclusion of all groups of the society into economic life of the country, and which adheres to the principles of sustainable development, where the needs of future generations are taken into account.
We see Belarus where citizens have an attractive future, seeing opportunities for maximum self-realization, actively participating in the economic life, and ensuring dignified life for themselves in their own country.