The section contains presentations of the conference speakers and additional materials -publications on conference topics prepared by organizations whose representatives take part in the conference, either directly by its participants.

13 november 2017

Day 1. Panel 1. Shamik Dhar. The Economics of Globalisation and Inequality

13 november 2017

Day 1. Panel 1. Artur Radziwill. Sustaining growth. Focus on the transition region

13 november 2017

Day 1. Panel 2. Paul Dekker. Trust in numbers: Values and impressions in a comparative European perspective

13 november 2017

Day 2. Panel 1. Karlis Smits. Minsk Consensus: Revision of the post-transition agenda?

13 november 2017

Day 2. Panel 2. Birgit Lao. The role of education in a knowledge based society – Estonian case

13 november 2017

Day 2. Panel 3. Amit Mukherjee. Rule of Law and Access to Justice In The Age Of The Internet and Social Media

25 october 2017 Ben Slay

Towards the “Minsk Consensus”: Some personal reflections

This note is an attempt by a (co-)creator to explain what the “Minsk Consensus” is (or might be), and how it may be of broader use. It is intended as an instrument for further reflection and discussion at the Kastryčnicki Economic Forum.

12 october 2017 Alexander Chubrik

Reforms in Belarus after the cancelled IMF program: Totem and taboo

Why Belarusian authorities appeared to be so reluctant to even modest structural change expected by the Fund? Have they abandoned idea of reforms, or have they chosen to follow the reform path, but one of their own?

01 march 2017 Alexander Chubrik

A few remarks on the Decree #3

What was the purpose of the Decree #3 that involved the government machinery at all levels into solution of the problem that have not existed before its adoption?

16 january 2017 Alexander Chubrik

KEF-2016 "Reforms for Inclusive Growth": Key Findings and Recommendations

The material was prepared by Alexander Chubrik based on the speeches of "Reforms for Inclusive Growth" conference that took place in Minsk on November, 3-4 2016 within Kastryčnicki Ekanamičny Forum.