KEF in regions

“Return to Growth: in Search of Solutions for Regional Development” Conferences within the framework of Regional Consultations of the Kastryčnicki Economic Forum (KEF-2017) will take place in oblast centers of Belarus from May 23 to June 1.
The conferences aim to present and review the concept of regional development strategy elaborated by the Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Economy of Belarus with the representatives of local business, academic community and civil society.
In addition, Conference participants will discuss the economic trends in Belarus and its regions as well as consider respective development strategy.
The conference will feature reports by the experts of IPM Research Center, Economy Research Institute of the Ministry of Economy, International Finance Corporation, etc.
The final session of each regional conference will be devoted to discussing the development strategy for this particular region.
The outcomes of regional consultations will be used by the Ministry of Economy in drafting regional policy documents.
The events are organized by IPM Research Center in partnership with the Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus and Association of European Business with the assistance of the European Union (International Technical Assistance Project No.2/16/000810).