Media about KEF

15 november 2016

"The way Ukraine attempts to reform". Synopsis of Dmitry Sologub' lecture for

14 november 2016

"Anna Lukyanova, economist: during this crisis people have not lost their jobs, but their salaries have fallen". Interview in Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus

06 november 2016

"Economic brainstorm". The "Main broadcast" on the "Belarus 1" TV channel

05 november 2016

Andrey Movchan: “Belarus is an oil appendage of Russia”. “Idea” podcast

05 november 2016

“Without reform: debts grow, the society is stormy, and a force reaction to the crisis has exacerbated it." Article on

04 november 2016

"Kirill Rudy: The economy does not fall because of the reforms but because of the fact that they do not happen." Article on about KEF-2016

04 november 2016

"Expert:" Belarus is a difficult case for the international financial institutions. " An article on the website of KEF-2016

04 november 2016

Text by Kirill Rudy from the first day of KEF-2016 is published on

04 november 2016

"The World Bank: Prior to the reforms in Belarus diagnostics is needed - the causes, not the symptoms." Article on portal about KEF-2016

03 november 2016

"We need an independent and prosperous neighbor." EU promises not to leave Belarus on a path of reform." Article on