Hans Timmer has confirmed his participation in KEF-2016

Hans Timmer, the Chief economist of the World Bank Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, has confirmed his participation in KEF-2016.
He will deliver a keynote address on the topic “Response to the difficult economic situation in Europe and Central Asia: a new agenda for structural reforms”.

Dr. Timmer has been the head of the Development perspectives assessment Department for a long time. Under his guidance  the Department published an annual basic reports of the World Bank “The prospective of development  of the world economy” and “The report on global monitoring” and also a wide range publications on monitoring and economic forecasting, including the report "On the global financial development."

Dr. Timmer in a specialist in quantitative aspects of international macroeconomics and econometrics with 25 years of experience in management of teams of experts on economic modeling, forecasting and economic policy analysis.