Open lecture by Marek Dabrowski in TUT.BY Gallery

On Friday November 4 at 18.15 the open lecture by Marek Dabrowski, one of the speakers of KEF-2016 “Reforms for Inclusive Growth” will be held in TUT.BY Gallery. The topic of the lecture “Currency crises in post-soviet countries: an endless story?”

The lecture will be held within KEF-2016. The choice is dictated by the experience of the CIS countries which are continuously shaken by currency crises. In his lecture Marek Dabrowski will answer the question if high volatility of the economies of post-soviet countries is unavoidable under external turbulence, lots of microeconomic imbalances, structural and governmental problems and also what should anti-crisis policy be directed to prevent often crises efficiently.

 Dr. Marek Dabrowski, a Non-Resident Scholar at Bruegel, Brussels, Professor of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Co-founder and Fellow at CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research in Warsaw, Member of the Scientific Council of the E.T. Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy in Moscow.