Ben Slay’s comments on Minsk Consensus capacities

Read the comments by Ben Slay “Towards Minsk Consensus: A Personal Insight” on the website. Ben Slay is a co-author of the term “Minsk Consensus” and in his comments offers his personal take on its meaning. According to Mr. Slay, Belarus is a natural place for forging the new consensus re the new reform agenda for post-transformational economies. Firstly, Belarus escaped the market economy disap-pointment typical for many post-Soviet countries. Secondly, the achievements of the country with above-average incomes are vulnerable to a set of internal and external risks, and Belarus is striving to resist them. Thirdly, Belarus’s diplomacy is, perhaps, the most active in Europe as to simultaneous building partnerships with the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union.
The prospects of reforms in post-transformational economies will be discussed in detail within the debate panel “Minsk Consensus: reconsidering the post-transformational agenda” planned for Day 1 of the KEF-2017 “Foundations of the Future” Conference.