About KEF-2014

Kastryčnicky Ekanamičny Forum, KEF is an open platform for a professional dialogue on Belarus’ sustainable development within the context of global economic development. KEF was established by IPM Research Center in cooperation with the Belarusian Economic Research and Education Centre (BEROC) and the Center for Social and Economic Research CASE Belarus. Forum gathers representatives of state governments, academic community, think tanks and international organizations as well as international experts and other stakeholders.

Kastryčnicky Ekanamičny Forum 2014-2015 focuses on the development of the private sector in Belarus.

The main goal of the forum is to create conditions for a broad cross-sector and public dialogue and to exchange of ideas on how to catalyze private sector growth in Belarusian economy.

Why is it an issue? To return to the path of sustainable development it is necessary for Belarus to find new sources of economic growth and eliminate the underlying causes of economic inefficiency. The representatives of government agencies, business associations, international organizations and the academic community have an understanding of the need to enhance the role of the private sector in the economy of Belarus as one of the ways to solve these problems. However, the public lacks open dialogue on measures to enhance the role of private business in Belarus, which would be started from a holistic vision of sustainable development of the economy of Belarus, take into account the interests of the target groups and based on research results.

Why private sector? Private sector development is one of the cornerstones of an effective economy. Business contributes to the responsible economic policy and is the key to attractive future for the citizens.

What will be done? The annual conference KEF-2014 ("The global context, local solutions: the potential of the private sector in Belarus") will be organized in order to catalyze professional and public dialogue on the development of the private sector in Belarus and a number of regional events with the participation of representatives of all target groups, as well as conducted its own research . Research results will be widely promoted among the target groups and society as a whole.

What is the result? KEF will make open discussion of planned and desired economic reforms attractive and productive for all concerned. Reforms are attractive when they are spoken of openly.